JEÏTO reinvents the way of wearing  silk



Created from a mixture of voluptuous materials and pure femininity, JEÏTO, founded in 2008  in Lyon, by Sonia Philippot Directrice Artistique, is the first brand to introduce the concept of  textile jewelry.


Even if JEÏTO  resonates the Brazilian vibration, the brand is rooted in the tradition of the LYON silk.


The silk in severals languages:

It was purple wealth and pomp like in Byzance,

It was  transparence, breath, femininity like in Botticelli’s masterpieces.

We invented roads that still celebrates it today, along with its magical powers.


If in 1540  King François 1st established the foundation of silk Lyonnaise manufacture, it is  King Henri the fourth who started systematically the growth of silkworm breeding ; in 1750  the city of Lyon reached world fame amplified in 1804 by the invention of Jacquard and  in 1920 by the introduction of electricity in  the weaving looms.


Textiles made allowed still today JEÏTO to manufacture these bold ornaments. 

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